Key Stage 2

Sun shadows.pdf Simple worksheet outlining playground activity that allows students to observe the changes in positions of shadows during the day. Useful introduction into an activity that could be used to build a sundial. (National Curriculum KS2 Unit 3F.1)

How to make a sundial:

Instructions One page pdf file with instructions on how to make a sundial.

Template These are the shapes that you need for the above.

Sun time. pdf Small crossword about using the Sun to tell the time. (National Curriculum KS2 Unit 3F)

Earth Moon Sun.pdf Activity to highlight the relative sizes of the 3 bodies. (National Curriculum KS2 Unit 5E)

Moon phases record sheet.pdf Simple proforma for students to record the shape of the moon over the course of a month. (National Curriculum KS2 Unit 5E)


Key Stage 4

gcse astronomy.pdf EdExcel GCSE Astronomy specification. (The fastest growing GCSE in the UK)

Astronomy_coursework.pdf Coursework advice for the above specification.

Observing.pdf Guide to taking Astronomical Observations.

Planet comparison Venn diagram.pdf How does Earth compare with other planets? Useful homework exercise. EdExcel GCSE Astronomy specification 1.9

Cryptogram.pdf Repeat of KS3 Toilet roll Solar system exercise with additional code breaking exercise on definition of the Astronomical Unit. EdExcel GCSE Astronomy specification 1.3/ 1.7/ 1.8

Different wavelengths.pdf Cloze test and Powerpoint starter about the uses of the Electromagnetic Spectrum in Astronomy. EdExcel GCSE Astronomy specification 1.12/ 1.13/ 1.14

The Rotating Moon.pdf Not an Immersion Education worksheet but a useful link to a lesson covering the synchronous rotation of the Moon. EdExcel GCSE Astronomy specification 2.2

moon map.pdf Moon mapping exercise. EdExcel GCSE Astronomy specification 2.5

Satellite card sort.pdf Card sort exercise on the satellites of the gas giant planets.  EdExcel GCSE Astronomy specification 3.6

Newtons gravity.pdf Newton's Law of Gravity discussion trigger / calculations. GCSE Astronomy specification 3.23/3.24

TargetEarth.pdf Practical Instructions to investigate meteorite showers. GCSE Astronomy specification 3.26

Making a comet.pdf Instructions to make a comet in the classroom. GCSE Astronomy specification 3.30

Star classes .pdf Outline of stellar classes. GCSE Astronomy specification 4.24

Black holes.pdf Modelling black holes. GCSE Astronomy specification 4.28


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Key Stage 3

 Solar system crossword.pdf Small 11 clue crossword about the Solar system. (National Curriculum KS3 Unit 7L)

ks3 moon phases record sheet.pdf Simple proforma for students to record the shape of the Moon over the course of a month. (National Curriculum KS3 Unit 7L)

Lunar Eclipse.pdf Lunar eclipse worksheet

Planets numeracy exercise.pdf Planets numeracy exercise

Solar system logic puzzle.pdf Solar system Logic exercise (Good starter activity)

Toilet roll solar system.pdf Exercise to help students to work out the scale of the Solar System